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Phrase & Stories
All in a Dream
05/08/2011 06:38:28    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 792

All in a Dream

There was once a Grand Lama who had three young disciples. Known to be stingy and greedy, the Grand Lama never shared anything, not even the tiniest amount of food, with his disciples.

One day one disciple said to the other two, 芒鈧揓ust wait and see. I芒鈧劉ll make our master give me his stuffed buns.芒鈧?Knowing their master very well, the other two disciples didn芒鈧劉t believe he could do it.

The next day, the disciples made nine buns for their master. Carrying the buns on a tray, the first disciple went to serve them while the other two listened from the next room.

The disciple said to the Grand Lama, 芒鈧揗aster, yesterday my father dug a square, heavy, golden object out of the ground while he was working in the field. When he took it home, everybody said it was gold.芒鈧?/P>

At that moment the Grand Lama had a bun in his hand that, upon hearing this news, he quickly handed it to his disciple. 芒鈧揥ell? What happened next?芒鈧?he asked.

The disciple ate the bun and went on to say, 芒鈧揥ell, my father suggested that we give half of it to you as a gift.芒鈧?/P>

Overjoyed, the Grand Lama picked up another bun, handed it to the young man, and said, 芒鈧揂nd then?芒鈧?/P>

The disciple took his time enjoying his second bun. When he was finished, he said, 芒鈧揗y mother proposed that we sell it and give the money to you as a donation.芒鈧?/P>

Beside himself with joy, the Lama handed over a third bun to his disciple. 芒鈧揟hat芒鈧劉s wonderful! And then?芒鈧?/P>

Having eaten the third bun, the disciple said, 芒鈧揑 told my parents that it would be much safer if we just gave it to you for safe-keeping.芒鈧?/P>

The Grand Lama couldn芒鈧劉t have been happier and so handed his disciple a fourth bun, saying, 芒鈧揟hat芒鈧劉s a great idea. Then what happened?芒鈧?/P>

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, the disciple said, 芒鈧揟hen I woke up!芒鈧?/P>

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