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Phrase & Stories
Ximen Bao Taming Waters
13/04/2011 14:12:34    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1792

Ximen Bao Taming Waters

Ximen Bao was a righteous official of the fifth century B.C.. He was once appointed to the county of Ye to be the county magistrate. The first thing he heard on arriving there was river deity`s marriage.

The county of Ye was beside the Yellow River. which floods from time to time. There was words among local folks that there lived a deity in the Yellow river. who needs a wife every year. If no girl`s been sacrificed. he`d be angry and the county would be submerged in flood. Local officials along with witches flamed the rumor so that they could levy more taxes to put into their own pockets. They were most enthusiastic arranging the marriage every year.

The procedure was. at certain time of the year. the witches would go to poor families with beautiful girls. told them the river deity would want the girl to be his new wife. Then the local government would take the girl away. dressed her up when the day came. and sank her into the river following a ceremony.

The day finally came that year. Ximen Bao came to wait at the river side with his men. Soon the rich in the county. local officials. the witches and the girl`s family all arrived.

Ximen Bao have the bride sent before him and said the girl was not pretty enough for the deity. He ordered the witch to first send a message to the river deity they`ll find a prettier girl for him. He then ordered the witch be thrown into the river. After a while he had his men throw the three disciples of the witch into the river too. telling them to ask their master to come back quicker. After still a while. he grew impatient and look to the rich gentiles and local officials. seeming to be comtemplating to send one of them to hasten them back. All of them knelt down in fear.

Ximen Bao then said: ``Whoever again arrange such ridiculous things to cheat people of their money will be thrown into the river as a punishment.`` That ended the marriage to a deity and the county began to take on a new look.

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