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Phrase & Stories
Two Peaches Kill Three Generals
13/04/2011 14:08:53    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1250

Two Peaches Kill Three Generals

Yan Zi was a statesman in the state of Qi in the 7th century. He was most famous for his wise administration. There were three exceptionally strong and brave generals in the State; Gongsun Jie. Tian Kaiqiang and Gu Yezi. They were also skillful fighters. but over time they grew too proud and aggressive because of the King`s trust. Meanwhile. a man named Chen Liangyu was planning to bribe the three and have them overthrow the King.

Yan Zi waited for the chance to get rid of the three. One day. the King of a neighboring Lu State came for a visit. Yan Zi and the three generals were all at the receiving banquet. Yan Zi saw his chances come. He asked the King to allow him get peaches from the Royal garden to entertain the guest. He took six in all. The two Kings served two peaches. two prime ministers ate another two. so there were only two left. Yan Zi then asked the King to give the peaches to those with the greater contributions.

The King did that. Gongsun Jie was the first to get a peach because he said he saved the King`s life by killing a tiger that was about to attack the King.

Gu Yezi got the second peach because he also saved the King`s life by killing a giant tortoise in the strong current of the Yellow River.

The two peaches gone. Tian flew into fury. He said he should have one because he had fought many battles and capture many enemy soldiers butthe King said next time he should have one. Tian Kaiqing was infuriated. He felt extremely humiliated. drew his sword and killed himself.

Gongsun felt very ashamed of himself that he got the peach while Tian Kaiqing didn`t thus. also cut his own throat.

Now Gu Yezi saw that his two best friends were dead. he said: ``We`d promised to die together. Now you all are gone. I can`t live on either.`` With that. he too killed himself.

That`s just what Yan Ying wanted.

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