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Phrase & Stories
Cultural Celebrity ---Liu Yong
28/02/2011 01:00:55    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 879

Cultural Celebrity ---Liu Yong

Liu Yong(987-1053) was born in Fujian. Liu Yong was the authoritative Ci creator in Northern Song Dynasty. He was the founder of the Wanyue School of Ci creation. His original name was Sanbian, courtesy name was Jingzhuang, but late changed to be Yong and courtesy name Sheqing. He was the seventh children in his family, so publicly called him Liu Qi. He was the winner of Royal Exam in Song Dynasty. Because his official experiences were very frustrating and passive. He gradually indulged himself into the urban life and looked for the temporary passion and relaxation among the low-level dancers, singers, prostitutes and other classes. He was the first professional Ci writer in North Song Dynasty. Not only did he create the content and materials of Ci but also a large amount of masterpieces became the popular and classical in Chinese literature and cultural history. He in all life led a poor life, and lastly died in Zhenjiang, and buried by some prostitutes, dancers and singers, who in spirit were all his bosom friends. Liu Yong was highly respected in folk community and a superstar among the singers and dancers, though he was always dispised by the high-level officials.


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