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Phrase & Stories
Chinese culture
13/09/2010 01:55:11    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 854

Men at their birth,
are naturally good.
Their natures are much the same;
their habits become widely different.

If follishly there is no teaching,
the nature will deteriorate.
The right way in teaching,
is to attach the utmost importance
in thoroughness.

Of old, the mother of Mencius
chose a neighbourhood
and when her child would not learn,
she broke the shuttle from the loom.

Tou of the Swallow Hills
had the right method
He taugh five son,
each of whom raised the family reputation

To feed without teaching,
is the father"s fault.
To teach without severity,
is the teacher"s laziness.

If the child does not learn,
this is not as it should be.
If he does not learn while young,
what will he be when old ?

If jade is not polished,
it cannot become a thing of use.
If a man does not learn,
he cannot know his duty towards his neighbour.

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