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Daily Life
A Flickering Lamp
30/11/2008 06:09:18    Author : Wu Meng & Yu    Browse : 973
This is a remote village. An ordinary family, cottages, children and an oil lamp constitute a folk scene, which is quite far from the modern life. There is an ordinary child in this mountain area. Behind the child"s smiling is a heavy past-her father, a pillar of her family, lose of his life in a small coal mine accident. This fell pillar brought this poor family a disaster. However, the suffering has not crushed the family--I love to see a kindly grandmother, a plain mother, and an optimistic cheerful girl. The dim oil lamp is light this poor family, but here is running family affections.

An oil lamp, a story of a family- in a remote mountain village such oil lamp makes us to savor the past.

Under the dim lamp these simple cookers are quietly lying in the corner of the cottage-the poor is the mark.

On the table there is another oil lamp. The situation of this earnestly studying child is really touching.

Due to various reasons, this child does not have a good score. Fortunately her dream of continuous schooling is realized with the support of kind people.

It take her more than 5 hour to teavel back from school,so she can only go home once a month, At home she can appreciate love and feel the warmth.


Her young sister, a lovely girl feels a bit shy in front of my lens.

Under the dim oil lamp the mother is cooking a delicious dinner for her children and me.

The mother prepared a special meal for dinner because of the teacher" visiting. You probably think this is too simple, but in fact this is already the best treatment-white rice, fried eggs and a bowl of bacon. They might have to wait for a long time to eat these once.

Having finising dinner and chores, she returned to the table. Learning is the most important task of her life. It is also her spiritual rely.

Under such a lamp tutoring children is really special- this remote mountain village is really quiet, and there were only left the children"s and my voices.

I like this kind of lamp and even start to miss my life as a child--at that time also this kind of simple oil lamp made from a bottle lit up the road of my study , lit up my dream as well.

Having done a very long time course work, the two children felt a bit tired. So they ask "teachers, can you write us some words instead?". Without bring my brush, I pick up the child"s pen to write on a piece of white paper. After I finished writing, the children hold my work and feel very happy.

Facing my camera, children begin to sing under the shaking oil lamp. In this quiet village to hear this kind voice is just like hearing a sound from heaven. They sound purely and smile purely.

It is very cold outside, but the fire bring the cottage warm.
Baked potatoes, in this village can be seen everywhere-this is the signs of life here.
At break time the children like to sit beside cookware--here could be warmer.
Having seen her master, the cat could not help showing fond feelings to her master.
I shot at the lamp hanging on the roof of cottage again, This oil lamp of the deep mountain makes people to imagine and moved. I hope this oil lamp can illuminate the poor children" road in the mountains, and the end of the their road is a bright future.
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