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Daily Life
A Story Behind Donation 2
30/11/2008 00:03:16    Author : Wu Meng & Yu    Browse : 701

The school specially changed for a new national flag and held a brief flag-raising ceremony, as the guests will come soon.                

Teacher Zhao repeatedly warned that all students must behave properly during the guests visiting school.

Writing slogans, decorating the venue--the headteacher assigned all writing and drawing tasks to me.

The slogan had to been made very standard because the television reporters were going to the donation ceremony. There was no computer and printer, so this banner had to be hand-made.

What were the students doing with the national flag?   

There was very little chance for you to see how hard it was to put up a banner like this. Students buttressed the ladder, and then a teacher climbed to the top. From this point of view it was breathtaking enough. 

On the second day of the school term there were still so many students crowding into one classroom. Seen from this scene, you know how the school was lack of teachers and teaching facilities.

Here, Zhao was leading a group of students repairing the broken desks and chairs.  Before the new ones coming, these old desks and chairs had to play their roles.                                                                                  

All children were able to repair and were the skilful craftsman.

Although very tired and busy, the headteacher and teachers Zhao did not forget to take time off. Teacher Zhao tried to put a tire on the head of the headteacher, but the headteacher fought back. I, a volunteer teacher was deeply moved by this harmonious relationship between teachers. Over four years getting along with them, I have been very simple and very happy.  

Teacher Lin was a well-known chef in this school. He was the most tired, and all day long he was busy with preparation the food for donations ceremony.

Look, every individual teacher was involved in food preparation.

After school, all teachers led students of the school to conduct a thorough clean-up. 

Darkness was descending and the mountains were becoming blur. Teacher Li was playing guitar under the flagpole. It sounded comfy and cosy, but a busy day was far from over.

Teacher Lin has been busy beside of the fire.

It was the early hours after midnight. The headteacher was busy, but still took some time to practice the next day"s speech at the ceremony. His strong Guizhou flavour accent Mandarin amused teachers laughing from time to time.

The weather during this period were particularly good. The ceremony would be held at eleven o"clock this morning.
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