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Daily Life
A Story Behind Donation 1
15/11/2008 19:27:20    Author : Wu Meng & Yu    Browse : 784

Having taught in a poor western mountain area of Guizhou Province for a few years, I have experienced a lot of donations. Individuals and groups of people with kind hearts and love walked into the depths of the mountains. In varying degrees, this was indeed changing the situation of the village schools. Today I would like to tell a story of which was behind the donation.

This was the third year of that I taught in Guizhou Province. In two days this remote mountain village school was going to hold another donation ceremony. I used my camera recording the story which happened in this mountain village school two days before the donation.

Such a donation you might have experienced, or perhaps you have seen it on television, but today I would like to talk about the story behind the donation- you might not have the opportunity to see.
This was the second day of the new school term. The early morning sunglow was full of sky-the scene was as beautiful as poems and pictures.
Sunshine softly besprinkling the campus, this silent village school was going to usher another donation ceremony in two days. At that time, there would be an influx of visitors from afar, and there would no longer be calm.

Having been informed that the ceremony would be participated by the leadership of this region, the village school felt frighten and decided to prepare for any eventualities. In the morning the headteacher led a number of teachers to buy goats in the village in order to prepare food for that donation day.

This was a very poor Miao village. Teachers toured in the village and tried to find the cook materials. Here, black goats were reared in the hill-range, so they tasted delicious and were first-class cuisine.
On the way back from buying the goats, the headteacher encountered the communist party secretary of the town. The secretary asked the details of the preparations for the ceremony, and repeatedly urged the headteacher to make good preparations and treat guests hospitably. 
The ceremony looked like more and more complicated. My mind was disturbed because of my links to donation-most of the people coming for donation were my leaders and colleagues. I knew that my leaders and my colleagues did not want to the donation ceremony become too complex, and further more they did not want the donation become a heavy burden to the school. In addition to the purpose of donation of teaching supplies and money to the school which I was working as a voluntary teacher, the main reason of they chose to come here is that they would like to use this opportunity to come to see me. Although I have resigned the teaching post from my previous city school for many years, the support and concern from there have been continue. I felt very grateful.

Having bought the goat from the village, with non-stop the headteacher and three other teachers rushed to the town to purchase meat and vegetables. From school to the town, it was quite usual way to sit in the tricycle and bump on the Hill Road. 
The headteacher was very familiar with the small town people, so he was sturdy to bargain.
In the poultry market, the headteacher and teachers went around for quite a long time, but they were still failed to buy a few chickens.
A classic picture of the headteacher-teaching here four years, I understood the headteacher隆炉s pain and difficulty.
Shopping and at the same time accounting.

To buy so many things teachers felt very tired, so every teacher bought a bowl of spicy pink noodle in order to add energy.
Today is the second day of school term. Children from different mountain areas arrived at school in the early morning.
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