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Daily Life
A Story Behind Donation 3
30/11/2008 00:34:23    Author : Wu Meng & Yu    Browse : 732

After two days of preparation, the ceremony finally started. Donation team has brought the school thousands of books, two colour TV, as well as some contributions and teaching supplies. My colleagues paid all the costs of lunch, as they did not want to give the school any burden. We all wished a simpler donation ceremony next time.
Please have a look at our school library. It took me a month to design and decorate this 隆庐Knowledge House隆炉. With the fully support of my colleagues and friends from Shenzhen, it would be opened to all students soon.

After one week隆炉s tidying up, Knowledge House finally was opened to all children. Every noontime the House was full of children. With books the children knew more beyond  textbooks.

Using this as the end of this story-there is books while there will be happiness.
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