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Tree root carving
29/03/2010 02:31:54    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1164

Tree root carving


The tree root carving works of arts named Chinese dragon weighs 2,250 kilograms, and is 7.56-meter wide and 3.28-meter net high. It is ebony, also known as buried wood. This outstanding ebony root king should be the biggest and most beautiful tree root carving works in China up to now. It may fairly claim to be an artifact of Pan Gu and a competitive product in prosperity period because of the rarity of its woodiness, the longinquity of its age and the lifelikeness of its content.


What makes the tree root carving works of arts named Chinese dragon so precious and shinning is that it remains the 100% inartificial trait to be same as when it was dug up for that it wasn芒鈧劉t ever be carved with knives. Its hugeness and legend make a miracle of tree root carving art works.

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