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Ancient Chinese Abstract Painter-Tang Yin
14/09/2009 02:22:22    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 830

Ancient Chinese Abst ract Painter-Tang Yin

Tang Yin(1470-1523), a painter in the Ming Dynasty, a native of Wuxian County, Jiangsu province. His style name was Bo Hu and his sobriquets were Bo hu, and he also called himself Chieng-nen ti-i feng-liu ts"ai-tzu ("The Number One Artistic Genius in the Chiang-nan region"). He had been put in prison for malpractice in civil recruitment examination. He was accomplished in poetry, prose and calligraphy, and excelled especially in painting. He was talented in painting landscape, human figures and flower-and-bird. He studied painting under Chou Ch"en, and further reverted to the manners of the Sung masters Li T"ang, Ma Yuan and Hsia Kuei to create his own style, Which is nearly "abstract"and is aesthetically fulfilling in the way contemporary painting can be. He was honored as the Four Great Masters in the Ming Dynasty with Shen Zhou, Wen Zhen"ming and Qiu Ying.

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