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Huizhou culture museum 2
12/09/2009 15:27:31    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 941

This is the province 隆掳861隆卤 the planning for action with the Huangshan Mountain city 隆掳443隆卤 the planning for action key project, by the exhibition area, the collection area, the cultural industry area, office district is composed.The exhibition area by the basic exhibition hall, the special exhibition hall, the report hall and so on is composed, is the place function complete modernization museum; The cultural industry area is my city non-material cultural heritage protection and the development cultural industry project, the collection traveling, the sightseeing, the shopping, the entertainment, the leisure is a body comprehensive garden area.

The museum collection take the original Huangshan Mountain city museum as the foundation, the collection is extremely rich, the collection has the ceramics, the inkslab, the Huizhou inkstick, the calligraphy and painting, the Huizhou three vultures, the bronzeware, the jade carving, miscellaneous, the ancient book books, the Huizhou copy clerk and so on each cultural relic near 100,000 (book).The collection she xian inkstone, the Huizhou inkstick, the Xinan calligraphy and painting, the Huizhou literature are in the hall characteristic holdings, among, the Huizhou copy clerk has become the research emblem study important material, arouses in the worldwide scale emblem study expert"s interest.

The museum basic exhibition is "the Huizhou Person And the Huizhou Culture", divides into: Enters Huizhou, the world anhui merchants, the etiquette Huizhou, Huizhou constructs, the Huizhou art, the Huizhou science and technology six parts; The content includes: The Xinan excellent scenery, Huizhou and the Huizhou person, the Ming and Qing Dynasties anhui merchants, the Huizhou woman, southeast Zou Lu, Cheng Zhu Queli, the Huizhou patriarchal clan, the Xinan medicine, the technical star of, the library treasure, the Xinan picture faction, the emblem sends the print, the emblem to send the seal cutting, the Huizhou village, the Huizhou common people residence, Huizhou three to carve and so on.

Collection here is rich, demonstrated moves many, receives the Chinese and foreign visitor hundreds of thousands of people every year.Is the provinces and cities two level of patriotism bases.

Welcome to come from the world friends to arrive this beautiful museum experience enchanting Huizhou culture.


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