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Huizhou culture museum 1
12/09/2009 15:22:05    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 885


隆掳People walk in a clear mirror while birds fly in a folding screen.隆卤 Huizhou District has always been a nice place since ancient times. There are graceful landscape and various resources here. Huangshan Mountain and Art Gallery of mountain and water in Xin隆炉an are well-known to the world. Besides, there are places of interests like Qinyunshan Taoist Mountain, Taiping Lake, Guniuxiang Natural Reservation, Qingliangfeng Natural Reservation and Taohua Yuanli Park. This is an ideal place for residence and a world famous attraction for leisure traveling.

Huizhou, not only is world famous by its beautiful natural scenery, enjoys a good reputation the nation by the bright historical culture.A lot of year, precipitates, the rich cultural implication by its glorious history, the sincere common social practice folk custom, the plain life style, attract are being lost in a reverie innumerably to it the people who, the fill interest, earnestly seeks the cognition ......Lets us start from here!

The Anhui Province Huizhou culture museum for National Comprehensive Museum, demonstrates the place culture characteristic fully. Is situated welcomes guests south side the main road at the Huangshan Mountain city Twankay tea airport, is near with the emblem Hangzhou high speed entrance, area 157 Chinese acres, floor space 14000 square meters.

The Anhui Province Huizhou culture museum construction is take the growth oriented, the multiplicity, the sociality, the high tech as the pursue goal, gathers take the beauty one as the guiding ideology, take the Huizhou culture as the basic content, the Huizhou geography scenery for the background, the Huizhou construction style sends the scenery botanical garden for a main key group of multi-purpose synthesis construction and the emblem. The museum has the function reasonably, the facility necessary, the layout order, the rich bright Huizhou place characteristic, the sum aggregate traveling sightseeing, the Huizhou culture demonstration, the collection, the research, training, the non-material cultural heritage deduction, the exchange is a body, is the resident and the tourist understood, experiences the Huizhou culture vividly comprehensively the important place, was the society ancient times the civilized and the modern civilization centralism demonstration important place.

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