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Nations & Customs
Chinese Wedding Customs & Rituals(2)
17/10/2008 16:24:35    Author : China Bridal    Browse : 915
 2. Pre-Wedding Ritual
After the betrothal  meeting, both families will make announcement to their relatives and friends by sending out  "Double Happiness Cakes" along with invitations.  The bride"s family then prepares dowry and give a list of the dowries to the groom"s family. The groom"s family performs "setting bridal bed" ritual...  The groom"s family decorates the bridal house for the wedding, while the bride"s family prepares household accessories, mostly bedding and dining necessities, for the new home. 

           Double Happiness Cakes

Decorations for bridal car, windows and furniture
Decorations for home, reception site, on the door and walls
Decoration as part of table center piece, cake topper or newlywed"s


Decorations for reception site, gate or doors of the newlyweds

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