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Nations & Customs
Fort Wushi
13/06/2011 11:51:55    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 828

Fort Wushi

Situated by the bank of Dongshui River running through Yangcun, the Fort Wushi, also called Fort Panshi, is so named as there is a huge black stone lying before its gate. It was built during the period of Wanli in Ming Dynasty, dating back to 390 years ago. Front straight and other three sides outwards bent, the Fort Wushi is one of the most unique and precious forts in Hakka architecture.

Fort Wushi covers an area of 4,500 square kilometers and stands either 2 or 3 stories, up to 8 meters in height. The straight front is 60 meters long and each of the other three sides runs as long as about 70 meters. Two of 15 meters high square turrets, one at each end of the straight front, are symmetrical built to enhance the fort"s defense power. The fort has 3 entrances. With the front gate in the middle of the fort front. At each side of the front gate, there is a stone drum finely engraved with a lions, reminding people that men of some importance used to live in the fort.


After entering the front door, a big courtyard first gets into one"s sight. It is a public place for the Hakka people in it.   The courtyard is sided by 6 Siheyuan, each of which consists of 6 compartments. The 36 compartments in total make up a grand square complex that is the core of the whole fort. The complex at the core is surrounded by 62 compartments that run in the shape of a half circle, making up the external building. A "U" form passing way, separating the complex at the core and the external building circle, is designed for passage. The external wall of the circling building is dotted with gun eyes and cannon holes from top to bottom, making up a defense network together with the two turrets of the front.

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