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Nations & Customs
Tea saint Lu Yu
13/06/2011 11:06:08    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1455

Tea saint Lu Yu

Lu Yu and Cha Jing,The Classic of Tea (also called the Cha Ching)

"Tea may be the oldest, as it is surely the most constantly congenial, reminder of the West"s debt to the East" -Francis Ross Carpenter, introduction to The Classic of Tea-Origins and Rituals by Lu Yu.

Lu Yu(733~804) is referred to as a tea sage and the saint of tea.  Lu Yu devoted his life to research and studies of tea and the essence of his works has delivered the world"s first definitive book on making and drinking tea. Before the Cha J The Cha Jing consists of 10 Chapters.

Born in 733 AD in the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD), Lu Yu was an orphan adopted by a monk who was the Abbot of Dragon Cloud, a Taoist monastery in modern day Hubei Province. The widespread distribution of tea can be attributed to the extensive practice of Zen Buddhism in the whole country. Because sleeping and eating were strictly prohibited for Buddhists practicing meditation, they could only drink tea. Many monks were tea connoisseurs at the same time. One of Lu"s jobs was to growing, processing and preparing tea. He became very adept at these practices. By the time Lu left the monastery, drinking tea was a common occurrence in Chinese holds as well as monasteries. Tea was cultivated and processed throughout China but the methods were taught in person and orally.

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