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Nations & Customs
Tibet Craftworks-Tibet Knives
03/05/2011 15:46:15    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1197

Tibet Craftworks-Tibet Knives

Tibet Knives are traditional and well-known handicrafts with a peculiar style. They are indispensable in the life of herdsmen. Tibetans use them as the tools to defend, to slaughter livestock and to eat meat. There are two categories: one for man and another for woman. Men"s knives tend to be more curly and sharper while women"s are delicate. The most famous Tibet knives are Lhasa Knife and XieTongMen Knife in Shigatse Region, whose delicate decorations are unique from those in other regions. Shigatse knives are usually made of fine steel, with other materials like bronze, silver, iron, sharkskin, ox horn, agate and wood for decoration. Moreover, with the complicated producing process, some of them are studded with gems. Thus, they are more expensive than the normal knives.

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