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Nations & Customs
Vegetables in the Song Dynasty
28/02/2011 05:07:25    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1068

Vegetables in the Song Dynasty

In the Song Dynasty, Vegetables played a huge role in the expansion, trade, and survival. The Chinese used many vegetables including soybeans, which originated in China. Discovering a new vegetable, was easy to trade, and had a high demand. The Chinese also used vegetibles in meals and grew chives, radishes, onions, cucumbers and turnips. Also, during the Song Dynasty, eggplant, cucumbers, soinach, hyacinth beans, sword beans, and lima beans were introduced. Lastly, Chinese Leek was very popular, and was also known as Jacai. Jacai or leek, is a tall green plant and is still used in recipes today all around the world. In conclusion, vegetibles were a huge part of the growth and success of the Song Dynasty.

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