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Nations & Customs
Xinjiang--capital of fruits 1
13/09/2010 00:54:23    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 809

Xinjiang--capital of fruits

Xinjiang, enjoys the fame as the "capital of fruits", of which the fruits have earned a good market in 55 countries. The various preserved and fresh fruits, nuts and the deep processed fruit products have been laid on the tables over the world.


The statistics of Urumqi custom said that the export of Xinjiang preserved and fresh fruits, nuts and the deep processed fruit products amounted to 150000 tones, valued at 80 million, increased by 50% as compared to the same period of last year.

Advantage in Growing Fruits
Insiders think that at present, Central Asia, Europe and USA have the great demand to the fruit products, and the preserved and fresh fruits exported from Xinjiang have the obvious price advantage.

Xinjiang, as the main region for fruit export, has the competitive advantage in exporting fruits as apple, grape, Hami melon, pear, juice and canned fruits. Currently, it is the dominant ideas for export of Xinjiang fruits to promote the typical superior fruit industry, to develop the green products. Xinjiang. On the base of improvement of the fruit quality and the capacity in technology, Xinjiang formed an industry chain of fruit production, packing, and sale promotion, built the green brand of fruit export, and set the fruit industry as the key industry to earn foreign exchange through exports.


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