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Nations & Customs
The Chinese Address Terms
12/08/2010 06:09:09    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 928

The Chinese Address Terms

The Chinese are very particular about their address terms to the family members and relatives. For example, the English word "sister" includes both"jiejie (elder sister)" and "meimei(younger sister)"in Chinese. So it is with the English word brother(Gege Didi).

    Other similar examples,such as, "uncle " on paternal uncle may be "shushu" (father芒鈧劉s younger brother)or "bobo" 盲录炉盲录炉(father芒鈧劉s elder brother) or"jiujiu "(maternal aunt,that is,mother芒鈧劉s brother).The same is true for the term "aunt",meaning "gugu, yima, jiuma, bomu, shenshen etc.)

   Sill some other terms are even more complicated. Nephew may be Zhizi,Waisheng ,niece may be ZHinv and Waishengnv. Grandparents may be Yeye Nainai And Laolao Laoye Grandchildren may be  Sun zinv and Waisunzinv .Cousin may be referred to asTangxiong and tangdi  or Tangjie Tangmei or Biaoxiong ,Biaomei or Baioge ,Biaodi regardless of their sexes. Isn"t it interesting?


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