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Nations & Customs
Qinglinsi Conundrum
08/08/2010 08:17:49    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 755

Qinglinsi Conundrum

The village of Qinglinsi lies in Gaobazhou, in the city of Yingchang in Hubei Province. The area has a long history and unique geography. People in the village are good at riddles. According to research, 15 percent of the village population has mastered 30 to 100 riddles, and five percent have mastered over 100.

In recent years this unique cultural phenomenon has attracted academic and expert attention from all over the country. The riddles are considered a valuable resource in studying the history and culture of the area. A protection panel has been established and riddles are used as teaching materials in primary and middle schools in Yichang. In July 2002, after repeated objections from experts and scholars from Hubei Province Federation of Literature, Qinglinsi was named the "Riddle Village of Hubei Province". Later that same yeara it was named the "Folk Art Village of Hubei Province". In 2003 theChinese Folk Literature and Art Associationnamed it the "Riddle Village of China". A large part of the area was flooded in the 1990s due to the construction of the Gaobazhou water electricity project on the Qingjiang River. About 40 percent of the population moved, leaving only 925 people in the area. As the project expands, so will the flooding, causing more people to move. If this happens, the Qinglinsi Riddle Village would be in danger of extinction.

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