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Nations & Customs
Unique Customs in Hui隆庐an
17/05/2010 01:57:09    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1004

Unique Customs in Hui"an 

Hui"an County is only 30 kilometers away from Quanzhou. The dress of the women in the fishing villages on Chongwu island of Hui"an County is very interesting. They wear different-coloured jackets, which are very short and narrow. Their jackets are so short that they also like to wear big bamboo hats to cover their heads. The big hats and large kerchiefs on their heads shield their faces.

There are different sayings about the costumes of the women in Hui"an. It is said that they might be descended from the Yue tribe of ancient times. Hui"an people have lived there for generations. They seldom have contacts with people outside. Today the women there still dress like this because they want to preserve their traditions.

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