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Nations & Customs
Chinese gift culture
25/01/2010 06:06:47    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 962

Chinese gift culture

China is the birthplace of human civilization, one of the world-famous ceremonies. For thousands of years, the Chinese people because of the gift of the Duke of Zhou, Confucius and Mencius influence always in favor of reciprocity. "The Book of Rites? Song ceremony," said: "The matter of courtesy, to not come, reciprocate, to not go, nor indecent." This is the Chinese peoples understanding of the true portrayal of ceremony.

The Chinese custom of gift giving Ceremony, light focuses on the meaning of brotherhood re-gift value rather than price, "Trinidad send goose feather, courtesy light weight brotherhood" is the Chinese peoples gifts and values. In general, gifts should consider the specific circumstances and occasion. Generally go to a private family dinner, the hostess should bring some small gifts, such as flowers, fruits, native and so on. With children, it may send toys, candy. Invited to attend the wedding, in addition to artistic decorations, also presented bouquets and practical items, New Year, Christmas, and can be sent to the calendar, wine, tea, candy, cigarettes and so on.

Language Appropriateness friendly attitude ritual ceremony is fully compatible with the instrument. Pay attention to the attitude of gift-giving time, action and language expression. Calm friendly and graceful movements and accompanied by courtesy of the language is the party willing to accept gifts. Like the kind of thief quietly put gifts under the table or room to a corner of the practice, not only to reach the purpose of a gift, or even counterproductive. Modesty is a Chinese traditional virtue of the general custom in our country, the gift, when the language of their own modest but decent will create a harmonious atmosphere, virtually increase the mutual friendship. However, undue modesty is best to avoid, such as "Boli! Boli!" "1:00 a mere trifle!" Or "very sorry ... ..." and so on, which may give rise to the others contempt. Of course, if the gift, in a tone almost proudly said: "This is a very precious thing!" Also inappropriate. In a presentation of the gifts presented, it should be emphasized that their own cherished a good impression on the recipient side with the brotherhood, rather than on the real value of gifts, otherwise, they fall into the heavy and light ceremony, meaning the point where even so that the other side there is a feeling of acceptance of bribes.

Choose the timing of the Chinese people believe that gift-giving, gifts generally should field, face to face complimentary. Under normal circumstances, in public only to a group of people in an individual gift is not appropriate. Because the gifts people will have a sense of bribery and by the fool, and make no gifts people have Snub and by a sense of contempt. To a close with gifts, nor appropriate, carried out in public in order to avoid the public to stay close to you is completely supported by material things feel. Only a special ceremony, light ceremony of brotherhood heavy mouth to express a special emotional gifts, it is appropriate to the numerous people before the gift. As a special souvenirs. Because this time the public has become a witness to your sincere friendship. But the person to participate in the wedding can also be sent in advance. Congratulate the festival, presented annual ceremony can also be sent by mail or delivery door. At this time should be accompanied by gifts of people with the gift card can also be hand-written message, middle of the night in the same size as the envelope, the envelope gifts persons name, attached to the skin above the gift packaging.

Gift-giving gifts of people to respect the customs of the Western view that a single number is unlucky, and sometimes just not feel meager send three pears, which is the Chinese people pay attention to pairs of different days. China generally "good dual" theory, so any Oga matter of great rejoicing, the sending of the ceremony are a good double-bogey single, but Cantonese is taboo, "4" is even, because in Cantonese, the "4" It sounds like a "dead" is not auspicious. Furthermore, although pure white meaning no time, but the Chinese were more taboo, because in China, white is often a great mercy of the color and the color of poverty. Similarly, the black is seen as inauspicious, is fierce and the color disaster, sadness and mourning of the color. And red, it is joy and peace, and celebrating a symbol was widely loved. In addition, our people often pay attention to the elderly can not be sent to watches and clocks, to the husband and wife or lover can not be sent to pear, because "to send bell" and "nail in the coffin", "pear" and "off" homophonic, it is not auspicious. Also, if they can not get drugs for healthy people and can not get close to the opposite sex of the supplies. Also, Westerners receive gifts, we must immediately open gifts in front of peoples face or the taste to appreciate gifts and immediately thanks to the giver. The Chinese people are very subtle, we should leave it until the guests a private view the gift, otherwise it will cause unpleasant guests.

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