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Nations & Customs
Origin of red envelopes
25/01/2010 02:36:12    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 978

Origin of red envelopes

Relative to the custom of sending a red envelope, in a long time ago on the popular, but it was an auspicious one, but is allegorical bright red paper, wrapped in a note filled with words of blessing to give to friends and family to the table mind. To the Qing Dynasty, people are switching to a similar shape and a square of red paper, wrapped coins, closing as "packets." The first generation of red envelopes, about the late Qing dynasty, printing technology has begun to be widely used only when able to come out.

 At that time the so-called red envelopes, practice is very simple, only printed on red paper and butter, and then in the dry powder laden with butter on the results of the pitched as the current hot like red envelopes, while the pattern is more of a simple and mainly Coupled with auspicious words. Faction "red envelope" is a kind of Chinese New Year custom, the Chinese love red, because red symbolizes vitality, happiness and good fortune.

To distribute red packets to minors younger (according to Chinese ideas, even if married adult), is said to bring them the best wishes and good luck. The money in red envelopes, but let the kids happy, its main significance is in the red paper, because it is a symbol of good luck. Thus, in front of the family distribution of red envelopes to open envelopes to be rude approach.

 New Year Spring Festival, the elders prepared to pre-New Years money distributed to the younger generation, said New Years money can be suppressed evil away evil spirits, because the "old" and "evil spirit" homophonic and juniors to be New Years money you can safely spend one year old. New Years money, there are two, one is based on Color Rope threading feature as dragon-shaped, placed foot of the bed, this record found "Yanjing at the age of mind"; the other is the most common, that is, wrapped in red paper from the parent sub - to the childs money.

New Years money may be after New Years in public Shanggei younger, a child can fall asleep in the New Years Eve, by the parents of the Discovery steal placed under the childs pillow. People feel that it New Years money to their children, when the evil demons, or "year" to hurt the child, the child can use the money to bribe them and of fierce and Kyrgyzstan. Wu Man-yun Qing Dynasty, "New Years money," the poem goes: "a hundred money to wear color lines long, sub to another pillow from the collection, to discuss about xiao firecrackers prices, Jiao son Tim was busy night." View of this, New Years money tied pull out one innocence, while the childs gift is mainly used to buy firecrackers, toys and candy and other festive things needed. Now older to younger distribute the custom of New Years money was still prevalent, Yasui preserves the amount ranging from several tens to hundreds of these New Years money were by and large the kids used to buy books and school supplies, the new fashion for the New Years money to give a new content .

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