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Nations & Customs
Han Chinese Costume
08/10/2009 12:22:15    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 2469

Han Chinese Costume

Han Ethnic Group is the essential component of the present Chinese people, which is originated from the Huaxia Group 4,000 years ago, and was called as Han since the Han Dynasty(202 B.C芒鈧?20 A.D.) till now. The Han People takes more than 95% of Chinese people historically, even till today it still takes 93% of all Chinese. During its evolution, the Han people created one of the greatest culture in the world, which lasts for more than 3,500 years, and has influenced the whole culture in east Asia. According to its size and its history, it is a natural conclusion to say that the Han culture represents the Chinese culture.


 About Han Chinese Costume  

The Han Chinese started weaving since 5,000 years ago. Long as its evolution was, the Han Costume maintains its unique characteristics. The y-shaped collar, belting style (button free) and wide sleeves has been the major symbols of the lace, and they were not changed since Zhou Dynasty (1027 B.C.) to the end of Ming Dynasty (1368芒鈧?644). As the Han people芒鈧劉s culture can represent the Chinese Culture, the Han Chinese Costume can also be one of the most representative costumes of China.

 Unluckily, the entrance of Manchurians broke the natural evolution of the Han Chinese Costume. Duoergun, The Emperor the Qing Dynasty (1644芒鈧?911) ordered 芒鈧揂ll Hans should change they clothing into the Manchurian ones, any disobedience should be executed芒鈧? After 50 years of uprising and wars, the Han people finally surrendered their custom and costume, and the Manchurian costume became the only legal Chinese Costume during the following 300 years.

Since China has entered into modern age, all persecutions about ethnicity or attire are banned, and all people are free to choose their clothing. Today we find no reason to continue burying the Han Costume in the dusts of history, but to give back its name for the most representative Chinese traditional costume.


Confucius said: 芒鈧揃ut for Kwan Chung, we should now be wearing our hair unbound, and the lappets of our coats buttoning on the left side.芒鈧? As the master of Confucianism, he advocated the ritual regulations about clothing for all his disciples. Virtually all Chinese are making their cloths according to Confucius芒鈧?instructions. If one wants to follow the philosophies of Confucianism, the best choice for his ritual attire should be the Confucian芒鈧劉s clothing.




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