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Nations & Customs
Dong Nationality Nature is the God
15/09/2009 01:12:12    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 765

The Dong practice pantheism (the belief that laws and spiritual forces are gods) and animism (belief that non-human objects have souls). In everyday life, there exists among the Dong animistic religious beliefs and practicesswheresbenevolent and malevolent spirits exist everywhere in nature. They often regard certain stones, trees and plots of land as being sacred. Some also practice Tu, a form of "Magic" One god, a "Kitchen god"is worshipped during their spring and fall festivals. In the spring, they ask him for steady plant growth and in the fall for an abundant harvest.

้š†้š†้š†้š†Valleys, rivers, mountains, trees, rocks, bridges, and wells all have spiritual significance and attending spirits. These must be acknowledged and taken care of in a proper way so as not to destroy any existing balance. In some parts of the mountains, land cannot be dug, trees cannot be cut and stones cannot be cracked. If the people trespass against these beliefs, it is firmly thought that disaster is sure to follow.

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