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Nations & Customs
Dong Nationality Festivals
15/09/2009 01:06:40    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 826

Besides the traditional Chinese holiday, Dong Nationality has their own festivals
Yue ye Festival

隆隆隆隆Yueye is the traditional festival of Dong Nationality, which comes from the Dong Dialect with the meaning of being guests collectively. Generally Yueye will be held in Lunar January and Lunar August, in which the road-blocking songs will be song. One of the most respectable of village A will lead be representatives from every family to visit village B. Usually each family will send one person to representative. When the guests from village A are near village B, the hosts from village B must meet them at the entrance while making blockade on the way with farm tools or households. Host team will ask questions by singing and the guest team will answer with songs. One right answer will make one blockade removed. However if the answer is wrong, the gu ests will set off the fireworks to show their apology and admiration. Then, hosts will clear all the blockades to welcome the guests to take part in the celebration. In the festival Dong drama, Dong songs, dragon and lion dance, reed-pipe performance will be performed. After the celebration, hosts will see off the guests and sing blocking-road songs again to show their regret at parting from.

 Flowery Shell Festival

隆隆隆隆Flowery Shell Festival is a traditional festival of Dong Nationality with more than 100-year history, in which an athletic game will play then. Flowery Shell Festival is held on lunar May 3.Insgroupsto make it more animated, villages set 3 iron shells, the first tied to a ring with red ribbon. When the shell is shot and the ring fell, villagers strive to get the ring. The one who gets the ring will get the first prize. There are totally three shells. The first impliesshavingsa flourishing population, the second shows a good fortune and the third shot for a good harvest. The shell fodder ignites the shell and the iron ring shoots to the sky. After the game, the lads and lasses gather together to dance and play the reed-pipe wind instrument. At night, campfires are here and there: young people perform Dong drama and sing songs in antiphonal.

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