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Nations & Customs
Dong Nationality Custom
15/09/2009 00:58:10    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 804

In traditional Dong area, there are some special activities to celebrate the wedding and the new born baby.

茫鈧偓茫鈧偓There must be a guide for the Bridegroom and Bride.This guide will help bridegroom to meet his bride. This is Dong"s wedding custom. The man should be the luckiest member from a four-generation family which has numerous members. Before the wedding day, the guide should take required gifts to the bride"s home. Early next morning, girls of the village woke up the bride and made camillia tea with pig"s bowels. After a rich breakfast, the girls will let the bride on the way. The guide must be smart and eloquent, not afraid of questions. The happier the girls and the relatives of the bride"s are, the more easy-going the bride is. Camillia tea cooked with pig"s bowels symbolizes that the girls of the village miss the bride and their hearts are linked together.

茫鈧偓茫鈧偓Changing lampwick is another Dongs"wedding custom. On the eve of wedding after the cock crows three times, the guide will put bridegroom"s lantern on the door of the bride"s home and urge three times. The bride is reluctant to go out. Before going out with the guide the bride cuts the straw wick in lantern and takes out a new silk band to tie on the lantern, which implies her heart connected with the bridegroom"s.

茫鈧偓茫鈧偓The Dong have an unusual custom of planting 18 fir trees when a child is born - these trees become a resource for building a house when the child eventually gets married. After marriage, women live with their parents until after the birth of the first child.

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