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Nations & Customs
Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms

The Han Dynasty survived for 426 years. By 220 A.D. China evolved into the Three Kingdoms period, in tripartite balance of the Wei Kingdom, the Shu Kingdom and the Wu Kingdom (220-280). The three most prominent political personages in this period were Cao, Zhuge Liang and Sun Quan. Cao was the virtual founder of the Wei Kingdom.


The Wei Kingdom dominated over the other two Kingdoms by promoting capable and diligent ministers and stationing troops in the frontiers.

Zhu Geliang

Zhuge Liang served as the prime minister of the Shu Kingdom and has long been esteemed as the symbol of ancient Chinese wisdom.

Sun Quan

茫鈧偓茫鈧偓His noble moral character summed up in his words , 芒鈧揝paring no effort in the performance of duty ,芒鈧漢as inspired the Chinese , over the past hundreds of years .Sun Quan was the founder of Wu Kingdom .

Liu Bei

  He allied with Liu Bei, the King of the Shu Kingdom, to defeat Cao at 芒鈧揜ed Cliff芒鈧?. Afterwards, he defeated Liu Bei in the Battle at Yiling. He appointed officials responsible for farming specially, and stationed troops to open up wasteland, thus spurring the development of the middle and lower reaches of the Changjiang (Yangtze) River.

Zhou Yu

  Their deeds were adapted into a classic novel , the 芒鈧揜omance of Three Kingdoms芒鈧?

The Movie Red Cliff

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