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Faith & Belief
School of Logicians
02/11/2008 00:13:39    Author : Jeff    Browse : 792

Gongsun Long

The School of Logicians, or School of Names, was born under the backdrop of tumultuous social chaos in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-475BC) when the Chinese social structure experienced major changes. There are two sources in this origin of the thought, Confucianism and Mohism. In addition, Legalism and Taoism also influenced School of Logicians in their own ways.
The Logicians dealt with the relation of names to realities. They were thought to have emerged from officers concerned with rank and position in the court and with the ceremonies to which such rank and position entitled an officer.
The School of Logicians philosophy is said to have parallels with that of the Ancient Greek sophists or dialecticians. However, the school does not enjoy a very high position in traditional Chinese studies, and its influence is very limited.
Gongsun Long was a member of the Logicians school of ancient Chinese philosophy. He also ran a school and enjoyed the support of rulers, and supported peaceful means of resolving disputes in contrast to the wars which were common in the period (the so-called Warring States Period). However, little is known about the particulars of his life, and furthermore many of his writings have been lost.  All of his essays, fourteen originally but only six still extant, are included in the book Gongsun Longzi.
He is best known for a series of paradoxes in the tradition of Hui Shi, including "White horses are not horses," "When no thing is not the pointed-out, to point out is not to point out," and "There is no 1 in 2."
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