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China Perspectives
Modern Chinese Music
13/04/2011 12:29:51    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1370

Modern Chinese Music

Today"s Chinese music is very similar to modern Western music. Like young Westerners, young Chinese adults attend the concerts of famous Chinese pop stars. Modern Chinese orchestras still play adapted versions of traditional pieces, but they also play classical and modern symphonic compositions. Popular modern music incorporates many aspects of Western music from electric keyboards to guitars. Much of today"s popular music can be classified as soft rock, rock, or dance music.

Though many aspects of popular Chinese music are similar to those of popular Western music, many traditional facets to modern music remain. Many traditional Chinese instruments are used in conjunction with popular instruments of Western cultures. The mixing of traditional instruments with other instruments creates a wide variety of euphonious sounds and rhythms. In addition, the mixing of traditional instruments with Western styles of singing creates unique Chinese sounds. Many modern artists also incorportate traditional Chinese melodies into their songs, so even music using only popular Western instruments sounds different. The mixing of Western styles and Chinese styles with traditional Chinese instruments and other instruments allows for the creation of an endless scope of expression with modern Chinese music.

Many modern instrumental music pieces incorporate traditional instruments while adapting a more modern style. However, instrumental music is still very traditional. Many works of traditional music are still played by small quartets and large orchestras. Chinese melodies are quite unique and incorporate into many modern compositions. Chinese instrumental music has changed because it is no longer restricted to the traditional format. Even non-traditional instruments such as the piano are used in creating modern works.




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