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China Perspectives
Major Tea Regions

Major Tea Regions

Chinese teas cover the most range of all tea-producing countries. China produces hundreds of varieties and styles of teas and categorizes them by leaf shape and size and the district name.

Main Teas of China:

脗聽Black teas: Chinese black teas are mild, sweet, and full-bodied with a range of smokiness. Best known are Keemun and Yunnan blacks.

脗聽Green teas: Chinese green teas are clean and vegetal with a range of essences from nutty to smoky. Best known are Gunpowder, Lung Ching (芒鈧揇ragon Well芒鈧?, Hubei Silver Tip, Young Hyson, Hyson, Chunmee, and Sowmee green teas.

Oolong teas: Chinese oolong teas are fruity and fragrant. Best known are Ti Kwan Yin and Phoenix Mountain.

Scented teas: Chinese scented teas boast the subtle flavors of flower petals or blossoms. Best known is Jasmine tea. See article on scented teas for more information.

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