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China Perspectives
Han Costume Design
15/03/2011 05:30:37    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1166

Han Costume Design

Continuation of the Warring States period of the Han Dynasty-style clothing, in the pursuit of patterns tend to be more on the atmosphere, a crisp, concise and changeable. Shoes from the changes in perspective, we are close to the modern style of shoes and boots, then that the dress is more developed. At this point, in the clothing fabric on the decorative patterns changed, the Zhou Dynasty center symmetry and repeated patterns for the organization, but overlapping winding, weaved up and down, all sides appeared to extend the composition, and romantic fantasies and practices .Han costume design in the use of color, contrast with the main focus emphasis on a crisp, smart, and gorgeous.

To this we say, apparel design to the use of the Han Dynasty, have a higher artistic expression.

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