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Four Beautiful Women (Yang Guifei)
06/09/2008 12:30:40    Author : ANDY    Browse : 721

Yang Guifei had "a face that would make all flowers feel shameful". 

She was an only child whose father died when she was young.  She was a good singer and dancer.  She was chosen to attend to the emperor and became part of the imperial harem.  She came to have such influence over the emperor that many members of her family were appointed to high positions.  Among them was Yang Guozhong, who became a corrupt prime minister.  Emperor Xuanzong fell to Yang Guifeis charm and neglected his royal duties.  Everyone came to hate her and her family because they felt they were causing the countrys downfall.  This led to rebellion on the part of one of Xuanzongs generals in 755 AD, who marched on the capital.  The emperor fled with Yang Guifei.  They didnt get far when his own royal guard troops refused to march any further unless Y隆搂¢ng Gu隆搂¬ F隆搂¥i and Yang Guozhong were executed.  The emperor could do nothing but bow to their wishes.  She chose to commit suicide instead.  It is said that she was slighly overweight, which was considered attractive at that time.  She also had an unpleasant odor, which she tried to mask with scented powders and baths.  Like Xi Si, she is known for nearly causing the downfall of a Chinese kingdom.

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