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Four Beautiful Women (Diao Chan)
06/09/2008 12:27:33    Author : ANDY    Browse : 754

Diao Chan had "a face that would make the full moon hide behind the clouds". 

Near the End of the Later Han there was a heroine called Diao Chan who had a single Sugar Daddy named Wang Yun (who was not young, 137 -192), a high ranking minister in the capital. Wang Yun conceived a plan to depose the evil tyrant Dong Zhuo by setting him at odds with his mightiest warrior and personal bodyguard Lu Bu. His tool would be his "adopted daughter" Diao Chan, whose beauty and unscrupulous cunning would create this rift between the two.

So one dark night Lu Bu, a known heavy drinker, was invited over to Wang Yun"s pad where he was served drinks by Diao Chan. After imbibing an unknown amount of alcohol served by Diao Chan and blinded by drink he came to the conclusion she was smokin" hot. Aware of this Wang Yun offered her in marriage to Lu Bu, who in a possible drunken stupor eagerly agreed to become her sugar daddy in the near future.

A few day"s later Wang Yun repeated this strategy with Dong Zhuo with even greater success, as Dong immediately became her sugar daddy and took his new concubine Diao Chan home for a test drive ... one should not drive while drunk.

The stage was now set for the Romance of the Three Sugar daddies. Anyway, long story short, Diao Chan played the affections of her two new Sugar Daddies against each other, much to the delight of Big Sugar Daddy Wang. After a few months Sugar Lu Bu eventually assassinated Sugar Dong Zhuo and was subsequently forced to flee the capitol by Li Jue and Guo Si. Those two in turn executed Big Sugar Wang.

With Sugar Dong assassinated and Big Sugar Wang executed, the plot was successful and Diao Chan lived happily ever after with the man she had intentionally betrayed, never really loved and treated like a thing ... the peerless warrior: Sugar Bu.

The happy ending lasted at least until 197 when Sugar Bu was defeated by Cao Cao"s forces and met his end like a sniveling coward. After this event Diao Chan"s fate is lost to the mists of time.

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