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Four Beautiful Women (Wang Zhao Jun)

Wang zhao Jun was "so beautiful as to make flying geese fall" because they forgot how to fly after seeing her. 

In 33 BC as part of a deal between the Han Chinese and the Xiongnu nomads of Central Asia, Wang zhao Jun was offered to the chieftain Huhanye.  Ancient tales state that when the emperor was going to chose his concubines, he commisioned a painter to create portraits of the women.  The portraits would be brought to him and he would make his decision based on their appearance.  Wang zhao Jun had refused to pay the cutstomary bribe to the painter (the more the money, the more beautiful the portrait).  As a result, the painting he presented to the emperor was most unflattering.  Wang zhao Jun was consequently kept away from the emperor.  When he called for someone to voluntarily marry Huhanye, Wang zhao Jun  was the only one who was willing to leave the palace and marry into another race.  Upon seeing her in person at her departure, the emperor almost reconsidered allowing her to leave, and immediately had the court painter executed for misrepresenting her true beauty.  She was able to foster peaceful relations between China and the Xiongnu, which lasted for 60 years after she traveled beyond the Great Wall.  A tomb that was built in her honor lies south of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia.

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