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Four Beautiful Women (Xi Si)
06/09/2008 12:11:24    Author : ANDY    Browse : 748


Xi Si was "so beautiful as to make swimming fish sink" when she went to the river to wash silk. 

After the King of the State of Yue was humiliated by his rival the King of Wu, he sent the beautiful Xi Si to him in revenge.  Her goal was to distract him from the affairs of state so that his kingdom would decline in power.  The plan worked.  The King of Wu was so entranced by her that he spent all his time with her, building for her the extravagant Guanwa Palace (Palace of Beautiful Women) near the city of Suzhou.  The King of Yue struck back when the King of Wu least expected it, and routed his armies in battle during the year 473 BC.  Xi Si is known for being one of the few women who caused an entire kingdom to collapse.



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