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Archit & Design
Xiaoxiang Eight Sights
08/06/2011 06:25:48    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 940

Xiaoxiang Eight Sights

Calligraphy And Painting of 芒鈧揇ream Pool Essays芒鈧?by Shen Kuo from Song Dynasty said 芒鈧揝ong Di the official was good at detail drawing, especially good at painting landscape. He was extremely pleased with Wild Geese Alighting on the Sands, Returning Boat from the Distant River, Mountain Mirage, Sunset Snow, Dongting Mid-Autumn, Night Rain, Evening Bellsouth In Smoky Temple,  Evening Glow of  Fishing Villages, were called as the "Eight Sights芒鈧? Later 芒鈧揈ight Sights芒鈧?was seen in the scenic spots.

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