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Archit & Design
Furniture Today
13/04/2011 11:52:35    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 796

Furniture Today


In the present, traditional Chinese furniture is generally arranged in symmetrical suites or sets. However,these are supplemented with more flexible arrangements to prevent the room from having an atmosphere that is too sedate and reserved. Paintings or examples of calligraphy might be hung on the wall to create a more lively environment. Ceramic, enamel, or other little objects might be placed in an antique display cabinet for added elegance. Flower arrangements made of jade or stone might top an occasional square table for a welcome change in scenery. Any or all of these can add splashes of color and liveliness to the room. These delicate additions set off the heavy furniture to give a rich composite effect.

With China"s increasing economic prosperity, more and more people are placing great importance on interior design and room arrangement. With this prosperity, more people are also becoming very particular when choosing furniture. And because of a corresponding enhancement in spiritual life, traditional Chinese style furniture now enjoys a special vogue. Many like to collect and use traditional Chinese furniture in all sorts of ways in their homes; it has become part of the modern lifestyle.

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