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Archit & Design
Ancient Chinese Houses And Homes
28/02/2011 06:59:55    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 13571

Ancient Chinese Houses And Homes

The best example of architecture can be seen in the houses build by the people living in the particular region. Houses built by people depict the nature, climate, geography, culture, topography of the place.

Ancient Chinese people also had their own style of the houses they live in. During the ancient period, Chinese structures were mainly built of timber by the Han people. The ethnic minorities built some marvelous structures during that period. During the 2nd century BC and mid 19th century, these structures slowly evolved into a close and independent architectural system.

They depict higher aesthetic values, architectural techniques and profound cultural meanings. All over the territory, the ancient architectural format in its sharp-cut characteristic and style is distributed. This style had also directly affected the style of houses built in Japan, Korea, Vietnam and some in Europe also.

china being a vast land of different ethnic groups, different forms of houses was built with different materials in different regions according to the needs of that particular place. In the Yellow river region in the north, people built their dwellings with timber and yellow earth in order to avoid harsh winds, snow and heavy rains.

On the other hand in the south region, people employed bamboo and bulrush to keep away the moisture and to improve and maintain the air circulation. The houses were actually built upon the support columns. The mountainous area witnessed the rocky houses whereas the forests, stylish houses.

Between the Qin and Han dynasties, the Sui and Tang dynasties, and the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Chinese architecture undergo through three major design betterment. It was during this time only that several high profile monuments came into being and a lot got improved which includes palaces, mausoleums, capital cities and water conservancies.

The following generations were deeply influenced by the material and style of these buildings. Some of the ancient Chinese monuments like the Qinshihuang Emperor Mausoleums and the Great Wall of the Qin dynasty, the Zhaozhouqiou Bridge of the Sui dynasty still depict the unique, antique charm of the ancient Chinese architecture and style till date.

However, due to natural calamities and war, many ancient Chinese monuments have lost its presence. But many which are still in existence date back to 7th century or after of the Tang dynasty.

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