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Archit & Design
Zhencheng Building

Zhencheng Building-----the most magnificent round building

Among all the earth buildings, Zhencheng Building is the most magnificent. With the combination of various round buildings into one, it is regarded as a miraculous wonder by thousands of experts, scholars and tourists who have been enchanted by its beauty.

Built in 1912, at the cost of 80,000 silver dollars, the overall design of the building is a combination of the traditional style of local residential buildings and that of typical Beijing and Western architecture.

Central hall of Zhencheng Building

The main building is composed of an inside round building, an outside round building and a central hall. The outside ring has four stories, which are divided into eight components according to China"s traditional Eight Diagrams ,with each diagram forming a separate courtyard. Various courtyards are connected by corridors, but each diagram is separated by a fire wall.

On both sides of the main building, there are two two-storied houses in the shape of a crescent. One was used as a school and the other was resided by odd-job men. The overall external shape of the building looks like a black gauze cap   worn by feudal officials in ancient times, which implies that the owner hoped that his offspring could be so remarkable as to become officials.

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