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Archit & Design
Chinese Garden 1
15/03/2010 00:54:28    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 677

Chinese Garden 

Characteristics of Chinese Gardens
The garden is one of the important types of architectural art. It is essentially aimed at organizing an environment rich in temperament and interest and full of the beauty of artistic conception through the so-called four gardening elements including mountains, rivers, structures and plants, as well as the organic components such as roads, interior settings. In comparison to ordinary structures, the spiritual character of gardens is more outstanding, and it requires that artists have greater and higher ingenuity and imagination.

Compared with other gardening systems of the world, such as European or Islamic, Chinese gardens have their distinct national characteristics:

 a:Paying attention to natural beauty. Chinese gardens carry out processing and transformation of the original terrain and land form by following the principle of "making it seem like nature", or seem naturally formed, so as to satisfy people"s feeling of getting close to nature.

 b: Pursuing many twists and turns. Nature itself is ever-changing and interesting. Chinese horticulturists who emulate nature necessarily pursue changing, free-style composition. It is of a completely different system compared with the Western landscape gardening theory of compels nature to accept the symmetrical rules.

c:Advocating artistic conception. Beautiful environment created by Chinese horticulturists does not stop at the stage of formal beauty, but tries to express inward feeling through outward scenery. Therefore, the ultimate key to the high or low level and success or failure in the creation of Chinese gardens depends on the cultural level, and the high or low level and crudeness or refinement of esthetic temperament and the interest of the creator.


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