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30/11/2008 21:03:20    Author : ANDY    Browse : 696

Chinese d篓娄cor contains a vast range of artistic pieces and concepts, most notably Chinese paintings, which date back to pictographs inscribed on bronze during the dynasties known as Xia, Shang and Zhou. Traditionally, Chinese paintings, a large part of Chinese decor, were noted for their artistic conception, structural composition and method of expression. However, many other forms of Chinese decor have developed through the centuries, including pottery, carvings, umbrella art, water decor, paper lamps, painted wall fans and even candles.

Chinese pottery, which dates back thousands of years, is one of the first forms of Chinese decor. Pottery with figures of animals and people, a form of Chinese decor that continues today, has been found in China that is dated at 6,000 years old. Among some other early Chinese decor are small stone carvings, many of which depict people and animals. China is said to be the first truly civilized culture, and the Chinese decor found in that nation is a testiment to that fact.

One of the most mesmorizing forms of Chinese decor is the painted wall fan, which dates back to the Sung dynasty (960-1279BC). At that time, this form of Chinese decor began to establish considerable importance, on par with paintings on scrolls. Another form of Chinese decor to establish prominence within the artistic community is painted decorative umbrellas. Although the umbrella had been used for thousands of years, it wasn"t until much later that Chinese artists began to paint them, making them a bonafide form of Chinese decor.

Today, Chinese decor is enjoyed by millions of people the world over. The rich tapestry of Chinese decor and the vivid and stiking style of Chinese art work has found a place in the heart of nearly every nation on Earth.


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