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Archit & Design
Chinese Home Decor Ideas
30/11/2008 20:52:37    Author : ANDY    Browse : 666

First of all, consult a good feng shui expert if you need and ensure that you home is perfectly in balance.

The next step involves the paint on the walls and ceiling of your house. If you are bold enough, go for colors like red, blue, gold, etc. In case you prefer to be a bit on the conservative side, go for pastel shades like cream, beige, etc and use the bold colors in borders or as accentuating colors.

Let us concentrate on the flooring now. Take out your elaborate carpet and instead, go for a simple white or natural fiber rug. If you can get a natural wood floor, nothing like it. Ornate/oriental rugs are better for East Indian decor.

You also need to exercise caution while selecting the binds or curtains. Ornate textured material for your windows will work the best in case of Chinese decor. You can even add tassels on the either side of the window.

After you have done the basic, the time has come for selecting the furniture of the rooms. Chinese furniture makes use of shiny black lacquer as finishing. Make sure to add at least a few, if not all, Chinese items in your furniture.

You can even use Rattan furniture, with loose cushions, in your bedroom. Chinese believe in mingling with the nature as much as possible. So, it is the time to bring your garden inside (not literally). You can keep a few oriental plants inside the house. Apart from that, you can also keep a bamboo plant in large or small pots.

Last but not the least, make use of Chinese accessories. You will get so many things in the market with you can highlight your room. Feng shui items, Chinese fans, vases, cutlery, etc all can help add Chinese touch to your d篓娄cor. A small indoor fountain and scented candles will complete the look.


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