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Archit & Design
Popular Chinese antique furniture
30/11/2008 20:42:00    Author : ANDY    Browse : 1563

Chinese antique furniture - Box and Trunk
These antique furniture have been very popular in Chinese rooms. The trunks have been mostly used to put clothes in the bed room. Ancient Chinese did not hang their clothes but would have folded and placed them in a wardrobe or trunk. They would often have been stacked on top of each other. Trunk , Box , Chest with painting , carvings , metal hardware decoration is not only a piece of Chinese furniture for storage , but also a decoration pieces in the home.

Chinese antique furniture - Writting Table
Writting tables with drawers or without drawers are usually standard height tables. They can be used as office tables, studying tables in your office or book room. Ming style writing table is simple and elegant. Easy to care for, The lacquer finish is hard-wearing and needs no waxing.


Chinese antique furniture - Armchair
We can find many chair styles, such as round chairs, lamp hanger chairs, official"s hat chairs, rolling chairs, etc. Round Chairs have comfortable round shape arms for you to put your arms on them. Official"s hat chair have arms and on top of the back there"s a crest rail that extends beyond the vertical posts. The shape looks like the hat of official"s hat. Rolling chairs can be put at the balcony or garden and people can lie on it-a chair for relaxation and comfort. You can even sleep on it as on the bed. Many Chinese furniture have good carvings, lacquers and other decorations.


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