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Archit & Design
Pagoda (Ta)
27/11/2008 18:06:00    Author : ANDY    Browse : 734

Chinese  pagoodas  come in carious  sizes  and shapes-some look like towers, others like pavilions, still others like pyramids. Some atand alone, while others  were built in clusters. Most chinese pagodas are connected to the Buddhist tradition in China. The earliest were built in the first century AD, when Buddhism was introduced to China from India. Sone were built for feudal rulers to  commune with the immortalswho were believed to live in the clouds.Others housed religious artifacts and relics. Ancient Chinese pagodas may stand alone or in groups. The largest group of pagodas is the Pagoda Forest at the famous Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. This group  is composed  of 220 brick and stone structures. Another well-known example is the unique Bamboo-shoot Pagoda in Yunnan Province. It consists of a central pagoda in the shape of a lotus flower, surrounded by eight smaller ones. From a distance the group suggests a bamboo thicket.


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