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Archit & Design
CCTV Building
27/11/2008 17:29:41    Author : ANDY    Browse : 701

The new CCTV site construction project mainly consists of the Main Building, the TV Cultural Center and auxiliary comprehensive facilities.

According to the requirements of different functions, the Main Building, with a total floor space of about 380,000 square meters, is divided into five sections: the administration section, the comprehensive business section, the news production and broadcasting section, the broadcasting section and the program production section. It also has rooms for service facilities. The TV Cultural Center, with a total floor space of about 60,000 square meters, comprises a hotel, a TV theater, audio studios and other functional facilities. The other auxiliary comprehensive facilities, occupying a total floor space of about 110,000 square meters, mainly are the parking lot and the security guard building.

The jury considered the final architectural design for the new CCTV site neither humble nor pert, showing a striking style of its own while bearing no marks of exclusiveness. As a graceful and sturdy sculpture-style edifice, the planned new CCTV building can not only represent the new image of Beijing, but also express, in the language of architecture, the importance and the cultural nature of the TV industry. The novelty and feasibility of the structural design will surely push forward the innovation of structural systems and theories of China隆炉s high-rise buildings. The jury believed that the implementation of the design will not only help establish the symbolic image of CCTV, but also turn over a new leaf in the annals of Chinese architecture.


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