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Food & Drink
08/06/2011 06:50:40    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 1354


Sanzi is long thread shaped cookie of Salar and Hui. This deep-fried food is popular at occasions like Corban, Fast-breaking, memorial service to prophet Mohammad and wedding or funeral ceremonies.

Sanzi is a kind of deep-fried food. Usually it is made in the late twelfth lunar month in Han people"s families.

It"s offered to the guests as a kind of sock before a meal during the lunar New Year. For local Muslim like Hui and Sala, Sanzi is a main food to treat guests on Erde Festival.

The making process is to knead wheat flour with a bit of salt and other seasoning into a dough, then twist and pull the flexible dough into long and ring-shaped noodles and last put the noodles into boiling vegetable oil till they turn yellow. It tastes crisp and oil-flavored.

In the past, Sanzi can be only seen in winter since it was a home-cooked food. Now you can buy it in any season if you are in Xining.

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