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Food & Drink
Tea in the Song Dynasty
13/01/2011 10:45:41    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 928


Tea in the Song Dynasty

In the Song Dynasty, tea was a central crop and an extremely important crop for the economy of the Song Dynasty. Throughout the history of the dynasty, tea farms could be found in over 242 contries. Within these 242 countries tribute tea was harvested, a very expensive tea. This type of tea was only used for special celebrations or events. Tea was thought as elegant in some cases; this could be the explanation for why the tea was given very exotic names. During this time that tea was a very important and craved crop, a delicasy was born. During the Song Dynasty, tea was pressed into cakes for the first time, to make tea cakes. These cakes were engraved with very interesting patterns, such as the Jade Flower and Longevity Sprout patterns. Without tea, the Song Dynasty would not have been prosporous because tea was such an essential part of their trade.

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