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Food & Drink
Chinese Pastries 1
03/10/2010 09:08:09    Author : kathyby66@gmail.com    Browse : 685

Chinese Pastries

Chinese pastries are popular food items that come in all shapes, colors and sizes.In this article, 芒鈧損astry芒鈧?is used in a generic sense to refer to a wide range of Chinese food products that could be baked or steam and savory or sweet. They can also be referred to as  茂录藛biscuit茂录鈥懊寂?(cake) 茂录艗or (biscuit).

Chinese pastries are made from basic ingredients such as flour, glutinous rice, yeast, sugar, salt, egg, and oil. Common stuffing ingredients include red bean paste, lotus paste, green bean paste, nuts, and preserved foodstuffs. The final product maybe sprinkled or flavored with spices, sesame or sugar.

These ingredients combined with different production techniques give rise to a wide range of pastries with different taste, texture and shapes.

In most instances, traditional motifs are printed onto the pastry to complete the production process. Common motifs include symbols of longevity, luck, prosperity, peace/safety and double happiness. Product information can also be printed onto the pastry. For example, the character vegetarian printed on pastries indicate it is suitable for vegetarians. Products of well-known shops are printed with the business name.

The final product is a traditional Chinese pastry that fulfills food, ritual, festive and social functions.

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